The idea of a magazine which will treat photography as it should be (as a work of art) was born in the last months of 2004, during meetings between Georgia Hatziioannou, Pavlos Satoglou and Giorgos Lavdas. These three photographers first published ANTILIPSEIS, in July 2005. A year later, Georgia Hatziioannou pulled out of ANTILIPSEIS and the magazine continued its publication by the rest of the crew, until the summer of 2011. More than 400 photographers and theorists presented their work in the 25 issues of ANTILIPSEIS.

Until 2011, ANTILIPSEIS had been published every three months, with limited advertisments (maximum two), having based its financial existence on the subscriptions, the sales and the work without pay of its editors and collaborators.

2012 was a year of transition, from the usual to a different form of publication, which was never completed.

Since 2013, the magazine has stopped its publication, indefinitely.


All past issues (except issue #1) are available and each one costs 15 euros.

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