Roberta Vivoli

(photo by unknown)

Roberta Vivoli was born in Miami on September 27, 1969. From Italian nationality, residing in Florence but live and work temporarily in Barcelona.

Four axes professionals
-- Artist photographer
-- Engineer electronic investigation of new possibilities for development of photographic language
-- Video Artist: conducting experimental video art
-- Designer interior items

Reflection on the middle photo
For several years, Roberta Vivoli explores possible connections between painting and photography by proposing innovative printing techniques and disclosure.
This is not a reflection but a generic research work that goes beyond photography: a study on the edge of this medium and consequently on the search for the unspeakable.
According to his analysis, a photograph is a critique of reality that focuses on issues not on the "read" but about "being like".
The perception, the otherness of the bodies, metamorphosis and their interactions are pervasive themes of this reflection.

University activities
Several times Roberta Vivoli was invited by international universities to present and explain their work and personal reflection on the photographic medium.
-- Collaboration with the Institute of Philosophy of Language, University of Milan.
-- Invited by Professor Gianni Canova in its course of Semiotics, Faculty of Language and Communication, Milan.
-- Invited by Thomas A. Sebeok, director of Indiana University, in its course of Semiotics.
-- Conference: "Dialogue between photography and light, bodies, light", University of Milan.

Several magazines published work by Roberta Vivoli, among other magazine Gente di Fotografia (2005), magazine Duell (April 2003) and the Semiotics magazine for its special issue "Light on light", Zoom 2005, CameraAistria 2006, Quintecencia Abbot & Mac Allan Publishers 2006, Quintecencia 2007.

Exhibitions individuals
2007 Gallery Fidel Balaguer Barcelona Spain
2006 Museum Hold Post Steijkmuseum hp Amsterdam Holland
2005 International Festival of Photography in Rome Italy
2005 Hypegallery sponsored by H P Italy Milan
2004 Digital video clip Sezione GAM Torino Italy
2003 Gallery Quaranta 2 Contemporary Italy in Modena International Photographic Association Festival of Modena
2002 L'arsomiglio Gallery photo gallery Firenze Italy
2001 Stazione Leopolda Firenze Italy
2001 Galleria Officine giovani Cantieri Ex-Macelli Prato Italy
Spazio 2000 Galleria Garibaldi Art Museum Pecci Pratp Italy
1999 Festival Off Arles France
Galerie 1998 Hamburg Germany
Collective 1997 Galerie Berlin Germany

Art Fairs
2007 ARCO Madrid gallery Antonio de Barnola Spain
2007-D Photo Fundation COFF San Sebastien Gallery Fidel Balaguer Spain
2006 ARCO Madrid gallery Antonio de Barnola Spain

Public Works in colleccions i museum
Colleccio Fundation Sorigue Lleida Spain 2006
Colleccio Fundation Rava Milan Italy 2005
Colleccio Photogallery Firenze Italy 2004

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In the 14th issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine she participates with photos

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