Linda Gavin

(Detail from Linda Gavin's artwork)

Linda Gavin is a 32-year-old graphic designer, and her biggest passion is to collect toys from Korea and Japan. She lives in Berlin since 2005 but is born and raised in Sweden. She discovered Blythe when Sony used the doll in their Mini Disc campaign. Linda collected all the printed adds she could find and dreamed of getting a doll like that one day. This was in 2002 when she still was a poor design student.
Several years later she remembered her dream about getting a Blythe and started to collect information about it. As she was going to visit some friends in Hong Kong in 2006 she decided to buy a lot of Blythes there. Hong Kong was toy heaven and she filled a whole suitcase with dolls, doll clothes and shoes.
The doll obsession started to take over and she spent all evenings and weekends sewing doll clothes for her dolls. She posted them in her photostream on Flickr and other doll collectors showed their appreciation. People started to ask if they could order some doll clothes and so she started her own doll fashion brand called Fake Blondie. She's now only working half time with design projects and works with Fake Blondie the rest of the time.
Linda got her first bjd in February 2007 and she owns 26 bjd's right now. They are all ball jointed dolls made of resin. The smallest one is 8 cm tall and the biggest is 58 cm tall. She has other dolls like Betsy, Licca, Misaki, Momoko, Nikki, Pullip and Dal too.

General info about Linda Gavin

Full name: Linda Gavin
Born in the year 1976
Tall: 170 cm
Family: Husband Robin and cat Mokona (Russian Blue)
Nationality: Swedish (Born and raised in Sweden. Linda has a Swedish mother and a Malaysian Chinese father)
Starsign: Fire-dragon, lion
Favorite doll in her collection: Theodisia who is a Tanned Minifee Soo Special
Camera: Nikon D80

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