Guram Chachanidze

(photo by unknown)

"I know that
If I had
A costume
-A frock coat-
Coloured light green
With big red dark flowers"

I was born in Tiflis-Georgia, in 1981, where I was living until 2006. During my childhood and till puberty, I have been occupied with dancing and at the same period, I was photographing my familiar faces. Since 14, I was attending lessons in acting, in a theatrical workshop and I participated as an actor in theatrical performances, directed by students at the Theatre School in Tiflis.
In 2000, I went to the University on Cinematography and Television, where I studied until 2004. During my studies I directed and wrote the script for short length films. At the same time, I was participating as an actor in short length films and performances of the Experimental Theatre.
I have a degree as a director from the School of Cinematography, at the University of Tiflis. And graduated from the department of photography of the Institute of Vocational Training "AKMI" where I also collaborated as a professional photographer.

In the 18th issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine he participates with photos

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