Nikolas Hatzipolitis

(photo by unknown)

He was born in 1981, in Volos and he is a senior student at the department of Touristic Businesses, Faculty of Administration and Economy, in Larissa, with degree paper "Characteristics and preferences of travelers in sex-tourism and its social extensions".
He has been occupied with photography since 2001 by attending lessons and seminars.
He is a founding member of the Volos Photography Club.
Since 2006, he writes articles and publishes images at the online photography magazine "Foto art magazine".
He collaborates with the sound recording studio of Dimitris Politis, B.P.M, in the creative of Artworks and Covers for music groups.
Permanent Solo exhibition at the oldest Greek rock-bar, "Cafe Santan" in Volos.
Exhibition at the gallery Whalers Wharf Cinema, enlisted in the 2nd New England erotic art Festival in USA.
Participation in 12 group exhibitions in many towns in Greece.

In the 18th issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine he participates with photos

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