Theresia Viska

(photo by unknown)

The kind of photography I value the most is when the camera has been used to its fullest. There should be a good reason why the image exists and it shall have a high esthetic quality. Most important is the feeling. Even though the feeling is terrifying or laughable, it is extremely important that the image delivers an emotion.
That is the guidelines I have when I work with my projects.
Furthermore I see the actual photography session to be 50% of my work. The other 50% comes in the darkroom/Photoshop. This is the place where I "paint" with my images. I put my signature to my work!
Even though I am educated to be a documentary photographer I emphasize on my highly personal way of telling a story. My opinion is that a line of work grows even more if you add a personal touch and truly have a relation with your images.
I started to freelance as a press photographer in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2005. The life as a freelance photographer makes the weekdays extremely fun and various. And it also makes it possible for me to finance my personal projects - which I love the most!
In the future I see myself work the same way I do today, but only more and larger.
The cameras I have used for my personal projects are Canon 10D, Canon 3D, Canon G9, Canon Ixus.
In 2008 I received working grants from both the Swedish Authors fund and the Committee of Arts.
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In the 18th issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine she participates with photos and text

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