Eleni Gisaki

(photo by unknown)

She was born and lives in Larissa.
She studied Business Management and Interior Design. She speaks English and Italian. After having worked for many years as a business executive, today she owns her own business as an Interior Designer.
She has been occupied with photography as an amateur since many years. Since 2008 she has joined the Larissa Photography Club in an attempt of regularizing her amateurish activity.
She is interested in spaces, faces, ruins as residues of routes and historicity. In this research, she approaches her photographic themes through spacial researches and recordings of life.
Her boundary is our world. Her instruments are traveling. Permanent aim is the emerging of the community and the particularities of what make our world united in his diversity.
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In the 19th issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine she participates with photos and text

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