Thanos Kaimakamis

(photo by unknown)

He was born in Larissa, in March of 1976, where he finished school in 1993.
After a period of studies at the erotic Thessaloniki, military service, jobs in a variety of places in Greece, he returned to his mother-town, in 2006.
An important year, as since then he has forcefully entered in the amateurish photography, as a member of the Larissa Photography Club. He participated in 8 group exhibitions of the Larissa Photography Club and he takes part to photo contests of the club and elsewhere.
He prefers taking pictures of people in their natural environment and forms of trees - rocks - clouds etc, that remind him strange shapes.
He works as a tutor on Informatics in a high-school.
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In the 19th issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine he participates with photos and text

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