Dinos Diamantopoulos

(photo by Achilleas Haritos)

I have been occupied with photography more than 40 years, a fact that came naturally in a family where my grand-father and my father were photographers, too. And this during an era where this job couldn't provide for a better quality of life. It could provide though for a magic internal satisfaction of expression.
When I was 10 years old, I remember handling a Kodak Retina with the same ease that my younger daughter handles her computer, her cell-phone or a game-boy.
Been grown up in an environment like this, becoming a photographer was a natural outcome. What I could never imagine was that this little camera would become the unique mean for expressing all my desires and ambitions of my life.
When I was a teenager, I made my revolution. I didn't want to become a photographer. Maybe because I already knew so well the procedure of shooting, the secrets of the darkroom and retouching, that the unexpected and the magical had lost their "real" meaning.
My father though insisted that the magic don't disappear. And he was right. But I had to work hard and for many years to understand it. And mainly with persistence and insistence on the aesthetics that I had about things and persons. The way I was seen them and the way I ensue seeing them; always beautiful. And we all know that ugliness is a reality that preponderates on delicate beauty. Even though, on an ugly face there is a pretty side, that was my purpose to find and make it a photograph. And if you are wondering which components characterize Dino's photos, they are the followings: feeling, personal perception about the beautiful, geometry and experience. But now I know very well that feeling is more powerful than instict and experience.

In the 2nd issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine he participates with photos and text

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