Mayra Rodrigues

(photo by Rogerio Reis)

Mayra Rodrigues, 54, was born in Para, in northern Brazil, and lives in Rio de Janeiro. She holds university degrees in journalism and musical education. Since 1998, she has been Managing Director of TYBA Photographic Agency, which was named best Brazilian photo agency by the French magazine "PHOTO", in 2005. Mayra designed and maintains the agency˘s website, She collaborates on numerous projects as exemplified by the multi-media exhibition: Microondas (Microwaves) shown at the MEP, the Maison Europenne de la Photographie (Paris 2007). Her editorial and publishing experience includes being editor-in chief of the book, "Na Lona", among others.
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In the 20th issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine she participates with text

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