Maria Tsatalbasidou

(photo by unknown)

I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and raised up n Canada. I began my occupation with photography when I was in high-school and due to my passion for photography, I studied at the Department of Photography, Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Athens, where I was one of the department's first students.

1991-2000: Freelance photographer
2000-today: I teach as a permanent professor at the department of Applied Arts, at the vocational high-school of Neapoli, in Thessaloniki.

Presentation of a DVD Project in a concert of the Stavroupoli's concervatory, at Moni Lazariston.
Participation in a group show, at the Institute for Vocational Training Pythagoras.
Participation in group shows of the School of Graphic Arts and Art Studies - T.E.I. of Athens.
Advertising catalogue of the School of Graphic Arts and Art Studies.
Publication at the magazine Fotografos.
Aerial photography and publication at the imprint of the municipality of N. Ryssio.

Piloplastiki, 1st class of the 2nd cycle T.E.E. (Pedagogical Institute / Greek Ministry of Education, 2004)
Diaporama and its technique (Scientific collaborator)
Photography II, 1st class of the 2nd cycle T.E.E. (Pedagogical Institute / Greek Ministry of Education, 2004)

Movie "Free flying" wich was enlisted at Dimitria festival, in Thessaloniki.
Movie "The lines of the Horizons" (1st Vocational High-school of Neapoli)
Photo-shooting with theme "The gate of the City" (1st Vocational High-school of Neapoli)
Photo-shooting: Hotels in Thessaloniki - The memory of the city 19th-20th century - buildings & environment (1st Vocational High-school of Neapoli)
Participation in the program DEDALOS with photo-shooting at Ano Poli, in Thessaloniki (1st Vocational High-school of Neapoli)
Short movie (1st Vocational High-school of Neapoli)

In the issue 23 of ANTILIPSEIS magazine she participates with photos

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