Antonis Papantoniou

(photo by Antonis Papantoniou)

He was born in 1960. He was occupied with sports and he studied at the Gymnastic Academy but the photographic art attracted him. He had been a member of EFE since 1977. He was one of the founders of the photography group "Fotori". For a long period, he had been occupied with advertising photography. In 1981, when the first colour newspaper, "Ethnos", was published in Greece, he exclusively undertook its technical support on photography issues and at the same time its photojournalistic section. He organised and collaborated with a number of journals like "Amyna kai Technologia", "Eikastika", "Ecologia", "Ena", "Tachidromos" etc. He organised and took part in many exhibitions.
The last years of his life, he was working at the newspaper "To Vima", mostly covering the political life in Greece.
His monography with title "Opseis Politikis", that was presented on 20 November 2000 at the "Stoa Vivliou", was his last work. He envisioned but didn't had the time to conclude, the founding of a Photo Journals archive.
He unexpectedly died on 9 May 2001.

In the issue 24 of ANTILIPSEIS magazine
his photograph from the show "Perceptions" is presented

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