Hamakichi Takayama

(photo by Hamakichi Takayama)

Hamakichi Takayama was born in Tokyo, in 1902, during the Meiji Era. His family had been residents of that city, formerly known as Edo, for approximately 500 years. He lived in the downtown section of Tokyo, Asakusa, Zaimoku-cho, (Asakusa, Lumber Town). Rather than going into his family˘s lumber business he chose to work as a book distributor. He was modern in his dress and interests, and was a skilled amateur photographer. He died prematurely of a heart condition in 1940. He left behind an accomplished body of photographic work, some of which was found by his family to be still intact, in 2006. His son, Atsuyoshi Takayama, a classical musician by training, inherited his father's interest in photography, and has restored and printed part of that cache of works.
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In the issue 24 of ANTILIPSEIS magazine
his photograph from the show "Perceptions" is presented

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