Eri Skyrgianni

(photo by Kostas Argyris & Eri Skyrgianni)

Eri Skyrgianni was born in Athens. In 1997 she graduated from the School of Photography of the Technological Education Institute of Athens. Since 2002 she is studying in the Faculty of Visual and Applied Arts of the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where she is now (2006/2007) at the 5th year of studies. She is set at the 4th Painting Studio where Studio director is Professor Ioannis Fokas.
She has worked on Engraving and Multimedia.
During her journeys abroad, she has thoroughly studied important museums of Central and Southern Europe, in the cities of London, Paris, Florence, Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, Lisbon and Istabul.
She is very fluent in English (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English) and French (Sorbonne II) and she adequately speaks Spanish.

Her artistic pursuits focus primarily on Painting, based on sound traditional drawing principles, whereas on the other hand she focuses on Video Art with apparent visual perceptive cohesion deprived of narration.
Some of her works already belong to private collections.


2007: 4th Biennial of the Schools of Fine Arts of Greece. (Commendation), 9-26/2, Metro station, Syntagma, Athens
2006: Bazaar, group exhibition of small works, Tint Gallery, Thessaloniki
2006: "Industry and Novelty" group Painting exhibition for the Industries' Federation of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki
2006: Pixeldance 2, a Video Art Festival, Thessaloniki
2006: Cheap Art 06, group Painting exhibition, Thessaloniki and Athens
2005: Cheap Art 05, group Painting exhibition, Thessaloniki and Athens
2005: Pixeldance 1, a Video Art Weekend, Thessaloniki
2005: Videodance 05, Thessaloniki
2004: Vagabond, Visual Arts Festival, Thessaloniki
2004: 6th Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki
2003: 11th Biennale of Young Ártists of Europe and the Mediterranean Countries, Athens


2001: "Echantillon de Paris" - color, shot on super8 - 4.17'
2001: "Life of fire of life" - color, shot on super8 - 4.20'
2002: "too dirty movie 1" - color, modified super8 - 10'
2003: "artrip 1" - color, shot on super8 - 60' (Participation in the 11th Biennale of Young European Artists, Athens and the 6th International Documentary Festival, Thessaloniki)
2004: "too dirty movie" - color, modified and digitalized super8 - 5.55', (Participation in Videodance 05, Thessaloniki)
"too dirty movie" b&w and color, modified and digitalized super8, extended version, 21'


"handance" - video - 00.40'
"as Temple" - video - 05.15'
"The cuRe" - video - 01.21'
"dinner" - video - 02.03'
"meating" - video - 02.57'
"in difference" - video - 01.49'
"actionfield" - video - 03.10'
"seasong" - video - 05.01'
"lifespeed" - video - 03.33' (Participation in the web competition "Micropolis")
"31 minutes on Delos" - video - 31.02'

"present continuum" - 02.48'
"fireplace" - 01.22'
"basic fears / funny fears" - 01.37
"ever changing map" - 01.44'
"lighting water" - 03.06'
"magicarpet" - 01.54'
"mirrorship" - 00.59'

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In the 7th issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine she participates with photos and text

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