Aretoussa Arvaniti

(photo by Aretoussa Arvaniti)

Vakalo - School of Art & Design
Focus - School of Art Photography, Video & New Technologies.

Roes theatre. Photo shooting the performance Mabot street, director Nikos Koornilios.
Dipylo theatre. Photo shooting the performance Just Possitive Thoughts, director Rya Mouzenidou.
Kivotos theatre. Photo shooting the performance The Little Fear Shop, director Vassiliki Andritsou.
Men's pleasures. Writer's portraits, Ellinika Grammata publications.

Photo shooting for the magazines: Adobe Magazine, Kalidoskopio, ┴thens Voice, Galera.
Photo shooting for a catalogue.
Themes for posters and book covers.
Participation in the 9th International Istanbul Graphic Design Week.

Main occupation at the photography department ┼spresso Studio.


In the 8th issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine she participates with photo

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