Gerasimos Soufis

(detail from photo by Gerasimos Soufis)

My name iis Gerasimos Soufis and I live at Aliartos Viotias, Greece, working as a dentist. I am 47 years old.
Except from being a dentist, I am occupied for many years with music (bands-composition-computers), photography and video. I took part at the filming of the TV serial Apostolos+Monos, by doing the making of. I started my occupation with computers in 1986 through music and, gradually, I passed to digital photography and after that, as a consequence, to moving image-video.
Thus, music-photography-video, are the base of my artistic worries!
In photography, I follow, for the time being, the path of digital process, with whatever it produces as a consequence.
My work was presented in a variety of magazines: Foto Digital, Computer Arts, PHOTOgrafos.

In the 9th issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine he participates with photo

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