Nikos Bentas

(photo by Nikos Bentas)

He was born in Katerini in 1968.
In 1981 he studied photography, and in 1985 he attended the courses that were held by the Prefectural Committee of Popular Training (N.E.L.E.). In 1992 he attended the Photo Circle and many other training seminars and education of all grades held by the Occupational Group and the Association of Photographers of Northern Greece, the General Confederation of Greek Small Business and Trades etc.
He is a graduate of the Athenian Artistic & Technological Group and a Bachelor (BA) holder issued by the MIDDLESEX in 2006.
Since 1993 he teaches in photography classes. From 1993 until nowadays, he has taught in N.E.L.E., in the State Institute of Professional Training (I.E.K.), in the Department of Photography & Journalism of the Institute of Continuous Training of Adults (I.D.E.K.E.), in the Institute of Lifelong Learning (D.B.E.), in the Pphotography Centre of Katerini (KE.F.KA.), and he is Director of the Photography Historical Record of Pieria (F.I.A.P.) and establisher of the Photography Club of Katerini and of the Photography Group of the Region of Pieria.
Apart from that, he has taught in the post-secondary education, as well as in post-lyceum programs having as subject the art of photography and its technique. Moreover, he has taught in programs of environmental education through photography, both in primary and secondary education. Since 2006 he teaches in A.K.T.O. of Thessaloniki, as well as in the Photography Centre and Photography Club of Katerini. He has worked, and he is still working, with many professional photographers as a freelance worker, and he is a member of the Organization of Collective Management of the Rights on Intellectual Property of Photographers (O.S.D.P.D.F.). Since 1987 he is a member of the Hellenic Photographic Society (E.F.E.) and he is an honorary member in many clubs, municipalities and services. He has made more than 50 exhibitions both in Greece and abroad (of groups and personal). His writing work is 8 books concerning photography and different albums. Since 1995 he is a columnist in the magazine "Gialino Mati", and since 1999 he is a columnist in the magazine "Photo Eidolo". He has published many scientific articles and studies in magazines about photography and in the special photography press. He cooperates with many magazines, newspapers and picture agencies, as well as with studios of special applications and advertising of professional products. In his credit there are more than 1000 jobs of marriages and 500 of baptisms. Since 1995 he is a holder of a four stars diving degree, furnished by the Federation of the Army Special Forces, and he is also holder of the P.A.D.I. degree of the American School of Divers. He is specified in underwater photography of the mercantile shipping register (damages and wrecks of ships) and in aerial photography. He has worked for attorney's offices, private services, detectives, photo-reportage, as well as for the police as a freelance worker, and for many other public services.
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