Themis Martekas

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Themis Martekas was born in Athens, in 1967.
He has a BA degree from the Department of Photography, Faculty of Graphic Arts and Art Studies, T.E.I. of Athens. He has exhibited his photographic work in one solo and two group exhibitions. He collaborated as a tutor on photography with the educational company KSINIS and with T.E.E. of Chaidari. He is in charge at the Photography department of the New Ionia Municipality Cultural Centre. Since 1997, he has taught photography at the public institutes for professional training (I.E.K.) in Chaidari, Kifissia, Ilioupoli, and Metamorfosi.
He was working two years as workshop collaborator at T.E.I. of Athens, teaching photography.
He teaches drums-percussion at the conservatories "Sygchroni Odi" and "Technotropia".
He is a tutor on percussion at the Music High school in Ilion.
He studied Drums set at the conservotary "Sygchroni Odi", with Makis Mavros and theoritically with Vangelis Kordompoulis.
He also attended lessons in classical trombone at the workshop of T. Klavanidis and higher music theory with V. Kordompoulis, V. Architectonidis, and M. Kouvopoulos.
He began studying classic percussion at the conservatory "Sygchroni Odi", at the workshop of Emil Chanziev, where he graduated with an unanimous Excellent degree.
He is a member at the Orchestra "Sygchroni Odi" in Melissia and at the orchestra of Kifissia municipality. Since 1985, he has also been a member of the Municipality of Nea Ionia Cultural Centre. With the lastly mentioned orchestra, he has made a lot of performances in Greece and abroad (Cyprus, Soviet Union, Korea, Germany). He has collaborated with the State Orchestra in Athens, in concerts at the Megaro Musikis and Herodio in Greek composers' work.
During the period 2001-2002, he was collaborating with the National Theatre and Corfu DI.PE.THE. participating (as a musician), in the performance of the play "THE STUDENTS" and the music recording of the play "DON KIHOTE", respectively.
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In the 17th issue of ANTILIPSEIS magazine he participates with photos and text

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